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Whether you’re looking to improve your search engine rankings, build a strong social media presence, or launch effective email marketing campaigns, our experienced team has the skills and resources to help you succeed. We are committed to staying up-to-date with the latest digital marketing trends and techniques, and we will work closely with you on selecting the right marketing plan that meets your unique business needs.

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Monthly Plans

We help businesses build trust with targeted strangers!

The Basic 1.5 Plan

Monthly Fee: $1,500.00

The Basic 1.5 Plan is designed for businesses looking to build their brand awareness online and increase web traffic with key Influencers and buyers.

Custom CRM (Hoyst CRM)
– Client access; one user seat Client Access
– Manage Contacts
– Manage Email Campaigns and Deliveries
– Social Media Management
– Custom forms that can be embedded in website

Monthly MarCom Analytics and Reports

Social Media
– 1 to 3 social media posts per week on three platforms
– Engagement with the target audience
– Content creation and scheduling

Email Campaigns
– One email blast per month to target audience
– 1500 contacts (target audience) provide
– Build a targeted list
– Custom domain dedicated to emails

Flex Hours (1.5 Hours)
– Miscellaneous marketing initiatives, creative work or support

The Premium 3.0 Plan

Monthly Fee: $3,000.00

The Premium 3.0 Plan is designed for businesses looking to create new business opportunities by creating and increasing the company’s online brand awareness, increasing web traffic with targeted prospects, and is positioned in the industry as subject matter experts.

Includes all of “THE BASIC 1.5 PLAN” plus. . .

Custom CRM (Hoyst CRM)
– Additional client access: three user seats
– Two custom phone numbers (can be assigned to individuals)
– Three custom landing pages

Social Media
– 3 to 5 social media posts per week on three platforms

– One blog per month 
– Written with solutions in mind
– Formatted for SEO and with targeted keywords

Press Releases
– One Press Release per quarter
– Announce products, projects and people
– Distributed to trade publications and on the wire
– Wire version will modified to support SEO

Email Campaigns 
– Additional 1,500 contacts (3,000 total)
– One additional email per month (if needed)

Flex Hours (3.0 Hours)
– Miscellaneous marketing initiatives, creative work or support

The Premium+ 5.0 Plan

Monthly Fee: $5,000.00

The Premium+ 5.0 Plan is designed for businesses looking to accelerate new business opportunities through increased brand awareness online, a significant increase in web traffic. a measurable increase in page ranking with Google searches, and positioned as the subject matter experts in their field.

Includes all of “THE PREMIUM 3.0 PLAN” plus. . .

Custom CRM (Hoyst CRM)
– Unlimited seats (client users)
– Up to six custom phone numbers
– Unlimitted Funnel pages & Landing pages

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) 
– Website audit
– Identify top 20 keywords
– Monthly backlink connections
– SEO content creation
– Additional blogs
– Monthly SEO audits and reports

Flex Hours (5.0 Hours)
– Miscellaneous marketing initiatives, creative work or support

A La Carte Services 

Websites Development

$4,500.00 (1-6 Pages)
$6,000+ (10 Pages+)

Websites Hosting + Maintenance

Standard Price: $475.00 / Yr
Plan Price: $380.00 / Yr

SEO 6-Month Program

Standard Price: $2,800.00 / Mo
Plan Price: $2,240.00 / Mo

Email Marketing

 Standard Price: $950.00 / Email
Plan Price: $760.00 / Email

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