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Energize your brand & grow your business with digital marketing

Your customers are looking for solutions your products can solve. Building awareness around your brand takes consistent time and effort. You need creative marketing strategies that will leverage your online presence, connect your products with the A+D community, and create new opportunities for business growth. 

Connect with an experienced digital marketing agency that will understand your brand and share it with the right audience. At Donovan Digital Marketing, we’ll leverage our 35+ years of experience marketing in the architectural industry to create tailored marketing plans around customized branding, meaningful content, targeted SEO, strategic social media, and architectural photography to position brands that connect, creating targeted opportunities that drive sales.  We are dedicated to marketing that educates and engages with a purpose.


Web Development

Web design for building product companies requires the ability to make a connection with architects and key influencers.

Speaking to an architect and designer requires the right language and the right look. We design websites to showcase your best work, with responsiveness on mobile devices. We create content that is relevant and provides effective Search Engine Optimization (SEO).

We keep things simple and use the right keywords with strong calls to action and information that educates and informs. All while providing a visual design that speaks to the creative community.

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Most businesses have it all wrong! They treat their website like a marketing flyer and neglect it.


We help our clients take their website to the next level…driving architects and prospective clients to their site. We focus on rankings with the right keywords, that deliver relevant traffic that introduces your company, products, and brands to key influencers and buyers. We are in the business to reach your target audience and compel them to act. Our SEO services help clients understand and focus on what really matters with digital marketing.

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Blogging is the best investment you can make as a building products company to showcase your expertise. 

 Blogging is the most underrated marketing initiative there is, especially in our industry. An effective blog positions your company as experts in your field while educating the A&D community on your products or services, obtaining organic search traffic to your site in the process. The companies that stand out in the industry and online are the ones who have implemented a strong blogging strategy with consistent content updates and a focus on SEO.

Blogging is an education platform, providing invaluable information to your target audience and a reason to visit your site, exposing them to your expertise and product offering. If you can provide information that answers questions architects and designers are asking, you become a valuable resource and industry leader.

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Email Campaigns

Our email marketing campaigns are designed to routinely connect targeted architects and key influencers to your products and services.

 Whether you use our extensive database of 18,000+ U.S. architects and designers, use your existing database, or create a custom email list, we deliver a branded message that directly connects with the right people.

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Social Media

Having a social media presence is another opportunity to create awareness for your brand and proactively reach the A&D community.

We typically focus our social media efforts on Instagram, LinkedIn, YouTube, and Facebook for architects and designers.

Our services are designed to save you time and money; we develop content, proactively follow and comment on targeted firms and contacts, and promote others to connect. Our social media efforts work hand in hand with our content creation, blogging, and website work. We manage and catalog all of our post and statistics in an online spreadsheet for client review.

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Continuing Education

Continuing education for architects is one of the best ways to build awareness and showcase your expertise.

 Providing live or on-demand AIA courses is a great way to reach the A&D community, create client loyalty, and develop long-lasting relationships. We help promote existing courses, create new AIA presentations, and develop video courses, all designed to educate and engage our target audience.

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Identify your market position, differentiated offerings, values, and goals.


Position you as the expert in your field with product storytelling, educational blogging, and creative SEO content marketing.


Connect you with your targeted architects and key influencers.

Why Donovan Digital Marketing

We create content that attracts architects, designers, and contractors. Our market target approach identifies the firms you want to connect with, and creates the bridge from awareness to specifications.

Founder Shawn Donovan has a degree in architecture and an MBA with over 30 years of business development, marketing, and building brand awareness to the A&D community. We have created and presented hundreds of AIA Continuing Education courses, managed trades shows, hosted symposiums, created video courses, managed lunch & learns, conducted focus groups, created custom project lead programs, all with the intent to help drive new business for our clients.

We are not a project agency but rather a partner agency. We become part of our client’s marketing team, providing valuable insight, strategic direction, and initiatives that we help execute. Our effective marketing methods are specifically for architectural product manufacturers and sub-contractors, providing ongoing and measurable returns.

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