3 Benefits to the Pro-Tech Impact-Resistant Curtain Wall System

3 Benefits to the Pro-Tech Impact-Resistant Curtain Wall System

by | Feb 1, 2021 | CLIENT BLOG


The Pro-Tech glazing system is a unitized pre-glazed glazing system. This high-performance glazing system is completely fabricated in-house with a clean, carefully controlled environment, which is ideal for minimizing error and allowing for the structural silicone to set and cure without exposure to outside elements, dust, and dirt. This ensures a durable, long-lasting adhesion to the framing. Once assembled, they are shipped to the job site based on the project schedule, quickly installed, and “dried in” with a silicone weather seal. The weather seal creates a single, consistent barrier to prevent water from entering between units. No caps are required, only applied for aesthetic purposes if desired.


Unlike the older designs of the conventional pressure-equalized and/or rain screen systems, the face-sealed barrier wall performs leaps and bounds above the rest in terms of water resistance and endurance. In comparison, the pressure-equalized system utilizes exposed joinery, exposed anchors, captured glazing, gaskets, weeps, and sill pans that must work together in “perfect harmony” to preclude water intrusion. The four-sided structurally glazed system, particularly the face-sealed barrier wall concept, has its framing components entirely on the dry side of the system. The glass and silicone sealant at the exterior face serves as the principal drainage plane – no weeps, joints, or pressure bars, just silicone, and glass. Though the face-sealed barrier wall concept is not as prevalent or age-old as the pressure-equalized model, it serves to be simpler, durable, and more easily maintained for a much longer period.


Pro-Tech offers a complete line of four-sided, structurally glazed products that meet the stringent impact-resistant standards for Florida, including the High-Velocity Hurricane Zone (HVHZ) and Missile E requirements. Pro-Tech also offers one of the highest water ratings in the industry at 100 PSF – the industry standard is 12 to 15 PSF. Pro-Tech systems are designed, engineered, tested, fabricated, and installed by Crawford-Tracey, ensuring the highest quality product and performance in both manufacturing and installation. Crawford-Tracey Corporation is one of the first companies in the United States to offer a four-sided structurally glazed system. The four-sided structurally glazed system is like an aquarium; the exterior glass is adhered to the frame on all four sides using sturdy structural silicone. This creates a barrier wall system that is almost impervious to air and water infiltration. This method also allows for a more contemporary, all-glass façade (butt-glazed) appearance, eliminating the need for mechanical fasteners, anchors, or screws to penetrate the frame to the exterior.
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