5 Blogs to Follow for B2B Marketers

5 Blogs to Follow for B2B Marketers

by | May 6, 2021 | Digital Marketing

The world of marketing is a constantly evolving industry. This always shifting environment makes marketing exciting to work in but demands regular attention for any updates. Keeping up with the latest algorithms, strategies, and trends can be a lot to take on. As a marketing professional in the architectural building product space, following popular B2B marketing blogs allows you to stay informed on the latest B2B digital and marketing trends.

Following popular B2B marketing blogs provides various benefits beyond staying informed on the latest information related to all things marketing. As B2B marketers, it’s important to incorporate digital marketing tactics as part of your overall marketing plan and try new initiatives in your industry. By following some of the top B2B marketing blogs, you’ll stay in touch with the latest trends, tactics, and tools. More importantly, it should inspire you to be a thought leader and write blogs on your areas of expertise and related products and services. If you’re still uncertain about blogging, read our recent blog, “Is Having a Blog Worth it for Your Architectural Building Products Busines?“.

If you are interested in following marketing blogs but aren’t sure which ones to start with, check out our top 5 favorites.

1. HubSpot

The HubSpot Blog – If you work in the world of marketing, you have probably heard of Hubspot. Hubspot is one of the biggest inbound marketing, sales, and service software. Their blogs have achieved high standing among the top marketing blogs on the web. 

Hubspot hosts four blogs, focusing on marketing, sales, service, and website. All offer the same level of valuable information but are tailored to slightly different audiences. Their blogs are updated daily and already hold a vast library of timeless marketing knowledge. 

Because of their aggressive updating schedule, Hubspot relies on guest blog writers to contribute content in addition to their writing staff. You have the opportunity to enhance your reputation as a marketing professional by pitching your best articles.

2. SEMRush Blog

SEMRush Blog – When it comes to SEO, there’s no better expert than SEMRush. As a B2B marketer, SEO should be of vital importance to you and your company. If you regularly monitor your SEO strategy, you understand how important it is to stay updated on shifts Google makes to its algorithm. Reading a well-curated digital marketing blog can diminish your worries of not catching the latest information. 

SEMRush is a leading software company specializing in digital marketing and SEO campaigns. Their blog offers immediate updates on all content related to SEO, SEM, PPC, and content marketing. 

3. Content Marketing Institute

CM Institute Blog – Content marketing is important for any organization, but it’s especially vital for those in the architectural building product industry. Good content marketing ensures your company is ranking for helpful articles that may bring in new business, keeps your current audience well informed, and helps promote your products and services.

The Content Marketing Institute blog is one of the top sources for valuable insights into content marketing. Top experts update the CMI blog every day of the year, ensuring you are always receiving the latest news and helpful tips in content marketing strategies. 

For those looking to provide their wealth of knowledge and potentially increase their brand’s reach, CMI accepts well-crafted blog article pitches. 

4. Heinz Marketing

Heinz Marketing Blog – If you are stumped with how you can enhance your company’s marketing strategy, Heinz Marketing’s B2B blog is here to help. The Heinz Marketing blog provides invaluable insights that will inspire your growth tactics and buyer’s journey. 

As a B2B marketer your most important responsibilities are converting leads and streamlining sales. Heinz Marketing shares their regularly updated expert advice on leveling up your targeted, scalable B2B marketing strategies to increase your company revenue. 

5. B2B Marketing

B2B Marketing Blog – Are you an experienced B2B marketer? Set yourself as a thought leader in the industry while promoting your architectural building product company by regularly contributing blog articles to the B2B Marketing blog. 

B2B Marketing holds a vault of information that deep dives into all categories of B2B marketing. All information is useful to shape your marketing strategy and regularly update it as the industry changes. The B2B marketing blog provides resources for you to start mapping out new marketing campaigns immediately. We recommend downloading their official how-to guides, case studies, and articles exclusive to B2B marketers. 

Receive Regularly Updated B2B Marketing Information for the Architectural Building Product Industry

In the world of marketing, your skills are only enhanced with the information you consume. Marketing is a field in which new changes happen every day. If you aren’t in touch with industry changes, you’ll fall behind. 

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