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AIA VIdeo Course review

05.14.24 – VIDEO DRAFT 

This video is the first draft for client review and feedback. This recording is the first 12 minutes of the presentation which includes the introduction and section one.


1) Email comments, recommendations and all assets to Shawn Donovan at


2) Add feedback to comment section below


– INTRO: The introduction to B-W needs to be reviewed and edited. Much of this intro was pulled from the B-W website.

– IMAGES: We currently have image placeholders throughout the presentation (in Canva), we need client input on this, providing recommended images for the various slides

– VIDEO CLIPS: At the 5:07 mark we’ve included a video to show how easy the Pivot Door works – we want to have these video clips throughout. Provide or recommend areas in the presentation where adding video clips will add interest


  1. Shawn Donovan

    Client review on 05.15.24 – SFD

  2. Maria

    Reviewing new copy


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