Is Having a Blog Worth It for Your Architectural Building Products Business?

Is Having a Blog Worth It for Your Architectural Building Products Business?

by | Mar 28, 2021 | Digital Marketing

Architectural building product companies may be wondering if their business will reap benefits from creating and managing a blog. Running a consistently updated blog with quality content can increase your company’s audience engagement, brand authority, and sales opportunities. 

According to Hubspot, “60% of marketers say blog content creation is their top inbound marketing priority.” The top marketers know that being proactive with their blog content is one of the best strategies for building their brand and connecting with their target audience. 

As a professional in your industry, you provide valuable information to your audience. Use this space to seek feedback from your audience, share your expertise, and win over potential customers. 

 Architectural building product companies who host blogs on their websites open countless doors of opportunity within the A+D community. These benefits can be condensed into five main reasons why having a blog is worth it for your business.

Increase Traffic to Your Website

When you think about the benefits of running a blog, organic SEO is at the top of the list. Improving your site’s SEO can be a beast to tackle, but it’s well worth the work. Aside from grooming through the technical issues that determine your site’s health, having a blog is a direct way to boost your SEO for desired keywords. 

Consistently updating your company’s blog with quality content extends your marketing reach beyond paid ads and showcases you expertise in your field. The key takeaways here are “consistent” and “quality.” To continue driving traffic to your site through Google searches, you must maintain a consistently updated blog with content that your audience deems valuable. Google’s algorithm rates highly trafficked sites higher than those that remain stagnant. You want to attract viewers to your site by writing content that provides them new and engaging information—then keep them there with more engaging content. 

The best part about blog content is it can be repurposed and used in various marketing communications. A new blog post—depending on the content—can be broken down into various social posts and email marketing sequences. Each of these touchpoints directs traffic to your site to read the full blog posts, increasing more traffic from multiple channels from just one blog post. 

Blogs are some of the most visited pages on a website. Strategically crafted blog posts can be a great way to attract new customers and subtly direct them to your product and service pages. 

Become an Architectural Thought Leader 

When you share consistent quality content with the A+D community, you establish yourself and your brand as an expert in your field. Becoming a well-known architectural thought leader allows you to be seen as an authority among the competition.

Blogging about your company’s updates, key facts about products and services, technical aspects of your products, project applications, and helpful industry topics increases your brand’s standing with your audience. People are more likely to buy from companies and their brands whom they see as the top professionals for the solutions they are looking for. Seeing valuable content published by the same brand builds a level of trust between the reader and the company, which can lead to inquiries for a project and ultimately specifications. Architects and designers want to specify products that provide a solution and work with companies they see as trustworthy. 

Architectural building product companies can create a journey through their blogs by underlining their specialties such as residential and commercial architecture, product manufacturing, architectural designs, etc. Sharing these topics with the same engaging brand voice and thorough research will solidify your image as a thought leader within the industry.

Share Your Story

Have you ever wondered why brands hire spokespeople or social media influencers to share their stories with their products? It’s because real people and storytelling sell. 

According to the Sitel Group, “About 70% of consumers said they would rather speak to a human customer service representative than engage with a digital customer service rep or chatbot.” The same is true for marketing communications and brand building. Blogging offers you a unique opportunity to put a face to your company’s name and share what makes you unique in the industry. 

Humans build communities around stories. The best way to connect your audience with your brand is to share stories about your products, services, and your company. This can be through sharing how your company began, positive stories of how your products and services help your customers, a case study on how your company was able to help solve a design challenge, and stories of completed projects you were a part of. 

Create a Discussion

Blogging adds another avenue of communication between you and your audience. A quality blog post ignites discussion and compels the reader to share with their community. Publishing consistent content with the option for readers to comment on and share the posts gives you a direct line to gauge your target audience’s feedback on the topic.

Your blog posts don’t need to be an open forum, but they can be a great place to ask your readers to share their opinions and insights on a topic. This can be an excellent way to gather data on future products and rebranding services. Any questions your readers have can spark ideas for any additional blog posts you would like to cover on the topic. 


Start Building Your Blog

The hardest part about blogging is writing your first blog post. It can be a daunting task to take on, especially if writing is not your forte. However, the benefits of having a blog on your website are imperative to building your brand with the architectural and construction community and standing out among the competition. 

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