We keep our services and pricing structure simple, clear, and upfront – no need to call or search all over to find our pricing. We strive to offer the highest quality work at the greatest value. Our expertise in the building products industry allows us to get started quickly with a low learning curve. In addition to our package pricing, we are able to customize our services to meet your needs. 

MarCom Support

Our MarCom support is a monthly retainer-based program that focuses on building brand awareness, online optimization, and lead generation. Our MarCom support program is customized to each client based on a marketing/business analysis. As a result, we create a comprehensive marketing plan with clear objectives and initiatives.

Awareness Package: $3,000.00 / month
Growth Package: $5,000.00 / month
Accelerator Package: $7,500.00 / month
There are no long-term contracts with any of our programs. We are month-to-month – if we bring value we keep going!

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Basic: $750.00
1 blog per month (750 – 1000 words)
Plus: $1100.00
2 blogs per month (500 – 750 words)
Pro: $1,600.00
4 blogs per month (500 – 750 words)

Social Media

3 to 5 platforms per post

Basic: $750.00
4 post per month (12-20 total post)
Plus: $1,250.00
10 post per month (30-50 total post)
Pro: $1,750.00
15 post per month (45-75 total post)


Basic: $750.00
1 press releases+ distribution
Plus: $1,200.00
2 press releases + distribution
Pro: $2,600.00
Annual program – 6 press releases throughout the year + distribution


Email distribution to 17,000+ U.S. architects and designers with analytics.
Basic: $1250.00
1 custom emails distributed to 17,000+, includes email stats and list of contacts who respond to CTA
Plus: $2150.00
2 custom emails distributed to 17,000+, includes email stats and list of contacts who respond to CTA
Pro: $6,000.00
12 custom emails distributed to 17,000+, includes email stats and list of contacts who respond to CTA


Websites are developed in WordPress with Divi Builder. All site are structured and optimize for SEO and easy user management.

Basic: $3,000.00
A one to six-page website
Pro: $6,000.00
A six to fifteen-page website
Pro+: starts at $10,000.00

SEO Packages

Our 6-month SEO Packages will get architects and prospective clients to find you on the first page of search engine results with your keywords.
SEO Tune Up Package: $2,500.00/mo
SEO Accelerator Package: $3,900.00/mo
SEO Power Up Package: $7,500.00/mo
Set up a free 30-minute Zoom consultation. The consultation will include search results for 10 keywords found on your home page.


Our Continuing Education Support services provide various course and content creation.

AIA Annual Support Program: $3,500.00
Manage all AIA course and attendee submittals, presentation support, and certificates.
AIA Course Development: $8,200.00
Create a new AIA approved Power Point presentation.
AIA Video Course Conversion: $2,900.00
Create On-Demand AIA Video from existing AIA Power Point course.

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